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We help career advisers and teachers better help their students through a holistic ongoing programme of career education that’s based on scientific methods and best practices. At Spotiself, we empower students to get to know themselves and develop the decision-making skills they need to make personal choices regarding future studies or professional pursuits.

Spotiself’s mission

To help young people make and confidently follow good personal career decisions.

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Spotiself’s philosophy

1. What kind of person am I?
What is the world all about?

We use a gamified 3D personality and career psychometric test developed by psychologists at Vilnius University along with a system of reflective tasks to help young people get to known themselves and the world of opportunities around them.

2. Where do I want to be?
What do I need to do?

Spotiself’s unique Values Calculator and Continuous Career Planner help set even better goals. The insights of professional career advisers are also available.

4. I track changes
and make decisions.

Spotiself collects data on progress over time, helping to see where one is at at any given moment and decide where to go from there.

3. I set goals and take action.

Spotiself’s online tools help own career pathway, set career development goals, develop skills, and manage one’s personal growth.

Spotiself’s values

Freedom to choose


Respect for diversity

Support for sustainability

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