An online career development platform for your school!

This is the first holistic 5-year programme that helps schools develop their students’ general competencies and career-planning skills.

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How does Spotiself work?

Personality and career test

The Spotiself journey starts with a gamified science-based 3D test developed by psychologists from Vilnius University. The test’s results describe the young person’s personality traits, cognitive abilities, and professional interests.

Individual and group exercises

Interactive tasks and a visualized career development plan help move forward purposefully, find activities that match one’s personal interests, get to know oneself better, and make specific decisions about the future.

Continuous career planning over time

The Spotiself platform lets students intuitively and creatively record their achievements, develop their skills, identify their talents, and plan future progress. Doing all of this over time ensures they’ll be self-confident when the time comes to make a CV or prepare for a job interview.

Consulting with career advisers

The platform offers one-on-one consultations with career experts, who provide students with professional explanations of their test results and answer any questions they have.

Monitoring system for schools

Schools can track and evaluate the career education process, get quantitative and qualitative measure of growth, and use an online tool to create personal development plans.

Why use Spotiself?

  • Motivates students
  • Better decisions
  • Personal growth
  • Tracks progress
  • Science-based content
  • Validated methods
  • Complies with latest General Curriculum Framework
  • User friendly
  • Real-time tracking
  • Data for decision-making
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces paper use
  • Green initiatives

Spotiself helps provide quality career education

Testing module

Personality trait mapping

Cognitive Ability Questionnaire

Exploration of professional interests

Exercises module

Work Values Calculator

Group exercises

Independent tasks

Ongoing 5-year programme

Admin/tracking module

Student monitoring

Activity reports

Online Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Quantitative and qualitative indicators

Remote advising module

Consultation booking

Adviser time planning

Schools successfully using Spotiself

ISM Vadybos ir ekonomikos university

Vilniaus Valdorfo school

Klaipėdos "Universa Via" international school

Vilniaus Salomėjos Nėries gymnasium

Panevėžio Ramygalos gymnasium

Prienų Žiburio gymnasium

Varėnos Ąžuolo gymnasium

Kretingos J.Pabrėžos universitetinė gymnasium

Klaipėdos Ažuolyno gymnasium

Klaipėdos Baltijos gymnasium

Kauno Palemono gymnasium

Rumšiškių Antano Baranausko gymnasium

Kauno Jono Basanavičiaus gymnasium

Šeduvos gymnasium

Riešės gymnasium

Šilalės Simono Gaudėšiaus gymnasium

Luokės Vytauto Kleivos gymnasium

Telšių „Džiugo“ gymnasium

Pabradės "Ryto" gymnasium

VDU klasikinio ugdymo school

Rudaminos Ferdinando Ruščico gymnasium

Tryškių Lazdynų Pelėdos gymnasium

Telšių Žemaitės gymnasium

Visagino "Atgimimo" gymnasium

Širvintų Lauryno Stuokos-Gucevičiaus gymnasium

Anykščių Jono Biliūno gymnasium

Švenčionių Zigmo Žemaičio gymnasium

Varnių Motiejaus Valančiaus gymnasium

Šilutės Martyno Jankaus primary school

Širvintų r. Musninkų Alfonso Petrulio gymnasium

Kėdainių Atžalyno gymnasium

Kėdainių Šviesioji gymnasium

Palangos Baltijos primary school

Palangos Šventosios primary school

Palangos Vlado Jurgučio progymnasium

Viduklės Simono Stanevičiaus gymnasium

Vilniaus Salininkų gymnasium

Skuodo Bartuvos progymnasium

Ratings of Spotiself by the National Agency for Education’s EdTech Unit

Spotiself Literacy requirement satisfaction 4.8

Literacy requirement satisfaction

Spotiself Optimized use of teacher time 4.3

Optimized use of teacher time

Spotiself Functionality and design 4.4

Functionality and design

Spotiself Feedback 4.7


Spotiself Content 4.4


Spotiself Students' creativity and critical thinking stimulation 4.5

Students' creativity and critical thinking stimulation

Spotiself Individualisation / differentiation 4.4

Individualisation / differentiation

Spotiself Sufficient internet speed 4.8

Sufficient internet speed

Spotiself Match with the school's facilities 4.6

Match with the school's facilities

EdTech’s list of Spotiself's strengths

New, innovative and interesting content

Solution design and task visualisation

Structured, clearly presented information

Appropriate tool for students' self-discovery, career planning

EdTech rates Spotiself compliant on these factors

Possibilities for data collection

Integrated feedback tools

Content aligned with the General Curriculum Framework


Encourages students' creativity, critical thinking, autonomy, collaboration, deep learning

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